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Responsive WindowSize widget module

WindowSize is a really simple module that adds a small widget to the top of your screen that dynamically displays your browser’s width and height. I wrote a patch for it that I am hoping you can help test in order to push the module towards a final approved version.

Unfortunately, the module is still in development and it is not yet so user friendly. Currently, after you install it, you get the widget in the top-left corner of your screen without the possibility to move it or even turn it on or off. To make it go away, you need to disable the whole module. I think there is great potential in this project, as responsive themers need this kind of things.

I often have to use outside resources to test breakpoints and it gets annoying to keep having to resort to that. So i wrote a quick patch, and intend to spend a bit more time on this module to try to improve its usability. What I now added is a simple on/off toggle functionality that can be found in the general theme settings (under Appearance). You can find my patch in the issue queue.

This is a basic thing, but I think more can be done: making the widget draggable, toggling it on/off right there on the screen etc. I call on you to come up with great ideas and possibly even help the maintainer build a great module out of this.

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