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Daniel Sipos
25 Mar 2013

I’ve been looking around lately for some nice looking premium responsive Drupal themes and I have to say there are some beautiful ones out there. So I decided to share 15 I found look particularly nice.

You'll find here themes for any purpose - portfolio websites, news and media, real estate, business and so on. And the best things is they cost next to nothing considering what you get out of it. So do check them out.

1. TB Nex

2. TB Page

3. Incredible

4. Solaris

5. Drive

6. Finesse

7. G Rider

8. DesignMD

9. Seven

10. Montreal

11. Centum

12. G Cano

13. Freehold

14. Cooker

15. Photofolio

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Daniel Sipos

CEO @ Web Omelette

Danny founded WEBOMELETTE in 2012 as a passion project, mostly writing about Drupal problems he faced day to day, as well as about new technologies and things that he thought other developers would find useful. Now he now manages a team of developers and designers, delivering quality products that make businesses successful.

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Julian Pustkuchen 25 Feb 2013 17:31

Admin Themes?

What about responsive Admin Themes? Is something usable already out there?

Craig 26 Feb 2013 03:22

Have you evaluated any of the code?

I made the mistake once of purchasing a "premium" responsive theme not too long ago. Unfortunately the theme was absolutely unusable unless you were building your site exactly as the theme had it laid out. The theme had friendly URLs embedded in its logic, relied on specifically named content types, etc.

So when it comes to 'premium' themes I'm always wary.

Have you evaluated any of the code?

Daniel Sipos 26 Feb 2013 10:42

In reply to by Craig (not verified)

You know, you are completely

You know, you are completely right. Out of these, I only evaluated Incredible and I wouldn't go as far as saying it entirely matches your description but it has its flaws. By this i mean there is a bit of theming still involved - either to correct some issues or to expand some stuff to content types that the premium theme does not have by default.

For instance for each Content Type you create you need to either go into its node.tpl.php and make some changes or make them in the main node.tpl.php file for future CTs.

So it is a gamble. However, ThemeBrain themes I think they are good. This theme on this site is a TB theme and worked very well out of the box - of course you still need to extend it if you want different things than it provides you - which I did - but all in all I think quality work.

However, that's not to say I have problems with the rest. I like Incredible, working on a project with it and the best part about these themes is that they cost next to nothing - so you still get valuable stuff for the price you pay even if it implies some work ahead.

Hope this answers your question

Carl 26 Feb 2013 19:26


I'm wondering if you (or anyone) has any experience with these themes on a site that relies heavily on Panels.

Craig 26 Feb 2013 19:08

In reply to by Carl (not verified)

In general the panels layouts

In general the panels layouts won't be responsive out of the box. A panel ends up in the #content region of the page.tpl.php file. You'd have to look at how a particular theme handles the responsive functionality and apply that to your panels.

For example, even using a theme like Zen with Panels, I had to work with the framework in the sass (.scss) files to tell the theme how the panels respond.

Daniel Sipos 26 Feb 2013 22:48

Well a way to make panels

Well a way to make panels responsive is to add the proper css classes to its components - columns, regions and stuff like that - they are essentially a collection of divs themselves.

These classes then make them responsive - works well with grids and stuff like that (either fixed or fluid)

Rick 14 Jun 2013 13:56

Incredible Theme Drupal 7 Installation

Hey, I'm a relative newcomer to Drupal 7 and decided to purchase the incredible theme you recommended. Once I bought it though it looks like there isn't a .info file to be able to install the theme through the admin panel. Can you talk me through what you did with yours?

Thanks in advance

Daniel Sipos 14 Jun 2013 14:13

In reply to by Rick (not verified)

Hey there, I installed

Hey there, I installed Incredible myself. You cannot do it from the admin. As far as I remember it comes with a full Drupal installation version (drupal files, theme, and modules + sql to be imported in the database) and a version that you can install on an existing site. But it comes with a documentation as well.

Good luck.


Josh 03 Oct 2013 19:11

Good themes.

I like these themes which are really simple and responsive.

lousie 09 Jan 2015 11:39

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