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Drupal training

Need some help with training your site builders or developers in Drupal?

webomelette training

I can help you with that as well. I offer flexible training sessions on a variety of topics related to Drupal and web development. Here are some example topics:

  • HTML & CSS. You have to start from somewhere am I right?
  • Drupal site building. In general Drupal 8 and 9 but also Drupal 7 in case you have not yet migrated to Drupal 8. I can help with that as well.
  • Drupal development. Here we can split into multiple topics as needed, from beginner to advanced. For example:
    • Starting your own module or theme
    • Migrations
    • The configuration system
    • Caching
    • Data storage, representation and management
    • The plugin system
    • Multilingualism
    • File management
    • Automated testing

Just drop me an email at danny[at] and we can talk some details. You can also use the contact form if you wish.