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Cool module: Special Menu Items

Have you ever needed to create a menu in which an item or all do not link to anything? By default, Drupal doesn't let you have menu items without providing them with a valid path. But you may need this functionality for those cases, albeit rare, in which you have a drop-down menu and you really don’t want the parent link item to link to any page.

Don’t worry, there is very simple way to achieve this with a module: Special Menu Items.

After you install this module, whenever you have a link you want to add to a menu (or edit for that matter), in the mandatory Path field you can have two extra options: and .

The option turns the link item into a separation space whereas the option is self explanatory. It will be an item that doesn't link to anything.

I needed it, I used it, it worked. And FYI, there are a bunch of other cool modules that make building menus much easier.

Hope this helps.

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