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Cool module: Field Quick Required

Field Quick Required is a handy administration tool that speeds up your work when dealing with content types that have a lot of fields. This is particularly true for those cases in which you are dealing with content authors and need to have a good overview over what fields are required to be filled in.

This modules gives you with the possibility to make a field required (or remove the requirement for a field to be filled in by users) from right there on the Content Type -> Manage Fields page. This means that you don’t have to go into the settings page of each individual field to perform this task anymore. Additionally, you get a nice overview of all the fields and their “required” status.

This is particularly good if you deal with many fields, multiple content types and users feeding your website with content regularly. It gives you the ability to quickly make changes based on experiences in the content authoring process. Very light and worth to check out if you need this kind of shortcut.

Bet you didn’t think there was a module for this...

Hope this helps.

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