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Cool module: Block Up Down

Block Up Down is a simple module that allows you to shift the order of blocks without going into the block administration. It does so by providing 3 new contextual links to any block: move up, move down and disable.

It is simple but pretty nifty and seems to work well. If you have multiple blocks in a sidebar you can very easily shift the order in which they appear directly from the contextual menu. No need for those page loads and searching through the many blocks you may have on your site. Also, you can disable them individually from the same place. The module uses Ajax so the whole process goes fast and easy without any page refresh.

It is a very new module created and maintained by Pol Dell'Aiera.

Hope this helps.


Does this play nice with the Context module? That one's a default for my projects, but has one problem: If two different contexts place blocks in the same region, there's no way of deciding the order. If this module solves that, a combination of Context and Block Up Down will become default in my future projects.

I had the same problem with Context ordering. The only solution I have come up with is to set up your context within the UI then export and add to a custom module. Once your contexts are in code you can set the weighting. I wrote a tutorial on it here.

I know what you mean but have not tried that out yet. Let me know of any results you find :)


If this could function like 'dashboard' light, but in a sidebar it would be incredible. You could provide a hybrid site that was partially structured by you, and partially by the user. For example I have a site with a pile of news feeds in a column. It would be great if the user could organize those by interest.

Maybe this is already possible somehow... if it is.... :)

Thanks for writing this article !

I'm currently busy working on some other projects but I'm planning to add the Context module support soon.


Thanks Pol, looking forward to that. Feel free to drop a line when you have something.


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