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Create your own doodle in Drupal 7 with Make Meeting Scheduler

Do you know The website for scheduling your Thursday night drinks with your coworkers? Or is it Wednesday? Make Meeting Scheduler provides a similar functionality for your Drupal site.

This cool module lets you add a field to any content type so that when you create a node of that type, you can add a custom doodle to plan a meeting - similar to The configuration is simple: just add a new field to your content type and go through the regular settings. Additionally, you will be able to set some defaults for the doodle widget - which are the same as when you create the individual nodes:

Now, when you create a new node of that type, you can add a doodle widget with the following options:

  • Visible or hidden - which means only the node creator and admins can view the doodle results
  • Single or multiple options per user - which means that you can limit users to choosing only one option (the default is multiple)
  • Limit the number of participants that can participate - for registration to events/meetings with limited capacity
  • Maybe option - to allow tentative choices from users
  • Date choices and suggestions - provide the dates to be chosen and suggested times

And this is pretty much it. Users can log in and make their availability known according to the configuration settings and the options you provided. Pretty neat.

Hope this helps.


Everything I need, to make a date for dinner with my sisters ;)

Hey! Cheers!

I think this is the best comment I received on this website so far :))

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