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Daniel Sipos
07 Sep 2012

There's a cool module worth checking out: Administration menu. This is good especially for Drupal 7 as it replaces the top toolbar with which you are used to handling your admin tasks.

For me it was quite annoying to always have to click for instance Structure - Blocks - Add Block (3 clicks every time just to get there) if I wanted to add a new block. And I know, you can add shortcuts, but still, not for everything.

So I installed Administration Menu. This module creates a dropdown type of admin menu with which you can directly go wherever you want with just one click.

Check it out.

NB: You have to disable the Toolbar module as it conflicts with Administration Menu.

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Daniel Sipos

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Danny founded WEBOMELETTE in 2012 as a passion project, mostly writing about Drupal problems he faced day to day, as well as about new technologies and things that he thought other developers would find useful. Now he now manages a team of developers and designers, delivering quality products that make businesses successful.

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