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15 Responsive Themes for Drupal 7 that Look Beautiful

After an earlier post with some nice responsive Drupal Commerce themes which sparked quite a debate, I decided to throw at you some more. So here you have a list of 15 beautiful responsive Drupal 7 themes that I recently picked out.

The order of appearance does not represent also that of my preference, so no favoritism. And if you are interested, I have an older post in which you can find 15 more beautiful themes.






TB - University Business


TB - Corpal


Social Style


ST - Chapi


TB - Anis



Hello Danny, thanks for your nice articles. Always good for a short stop, advice and inspiration!

Just one little suggestion: Apart from the theme-name and screenshot, It would be helpful to mention the actual parent theme or theme framework. Or even group them. Maybe obvious in case of "TB" in name, but also this info might not be enough for newbies or quick readers. I think the underlying "framework" and different theme options are a crucial info for a second look and final decision. (besides visual style and appearance)

Thanks in advance. Regards,
Maik aka pepperstreet

Hey there Maik,

Thanks for your comment. Will duly take your advice into consideration.



I need to develop a new website for a university. Is there a way to get any of the shown templates? and how?

Thank you,
Nabil M.

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