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Cool Module: Menu Attributes

I have another cool module for you today. Menu Attributes manipulates Drupal menus and adds custom html attributes to your individual menu items. Cool a?

Say you want to add some custom classes or IDs to your menu items for themeing with css. You can do it with this module.

So you can use this module for any of the following needs:

  • Add a custom ID to any menu item individually
  • Add a custom CLASS to any menu item individually
  • Add a rel attribute, such as 'nofollow' if you don’t want robots crawling down those links
  • Change the target (same window / new tab / etc)
  • And you can also specify an Access Key. With this attribute, you can select which keyboard button accesses the link directly.

Hope this helps. And FYI, there are a bunch of other cool modules that make building menus much easier.

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