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Cool Module: Multi-path Autocomplete

Today I want to talk a bit about another cool module I found called Multi-path Autocomplete. With the use of an autocomplete widget, this module lets you easily add existing paths when you create a new menu item.

By now you know that when you create a new menu link you are required to provide a path. Just as a parenthesis, there is a module that let’s you circumvent this requirement though. If the path is relative, it needs to be valid - that is, leading to somewhere on the website. This means that whenever you add a new link, you need to go find the page you want to link to and copy the path - in other words, a drag.

Anyway, with Multi-path Autocomplete the menu building process becomes less annoying. Instead of a text field where you paste in the relative path, you now have an autocomplete widget. If you start typing the title of the node you want to link to, it will automatically search for it and give you options to select. Additionally, you can search by the path alias. There is an asterisk marking that the result is a path alias rather than a node title.

I gotta tell you, it’s a pretty great administration tool that makes life easier and that is a good candidate for joining the group of modules we enable with every new Drupal installation: Module Filter, Administration Menu, etc.

PS: There is already a release for Drupal 8, how great it that?


FYI.. Here is a similar module I have used in the past.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for covering this module! Please check this issue and help get this functionality in core:

Do you know module like this, but for autocomplete taxonomy terms?

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